🌟 Join us at Health.Connect.Syndical event on April 25th (6pm) at BCR (The Bridge – Șoseaua Orhideelor)! 🌟

United, we can make significant progress, and that’s exactly what we’re set out to do! We’re thrilled to invite companies, medical startups, and specialists from both the medical and tech industries to join us in this transformative endeavor.

Introducing Syndical-Empowering Collaboration, a platform igniting the change we’ve all been waiting for and propelling innovation to reshape the future of healthcare. This event is about bringing together diverse stakeholders from startups, investors, clinic managers, academics, doctors, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Here’s what you can expect:

🔍 Insightful discussions 🛠️ Hands-on workshops 🤝 Networking opportunities


-6:00 PM – 6:25 PM – Introduction. Get Together
-6:25 PM – 6:50 PM – Panel Discussion on Innovation in the Medical System including Syndical Ecosystem presentation + Q&A.
🌟 Panel Discussion: Innovation in the Medical System, How we can revolutionise healthcare through digitalization.

Anamaria Ungur, Founder and CEO Syndical

Claudiu Pandaru- Co-Founder @ Parol
– Delia Budurcă- Editor-in-Chief @ TARUS
– Alin Roșca- Founder @ RepsMate,
– Andreea Purcar- Head of Operations @ Rayscape

– 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM – Workshops on Resolving Medical System Issues as an Ecosystem:

🌟 Syndical – Matei Grama, Founder & CTO
Building Momentum for AI in healthcare @ Syndical: Our Methodical Journey Towards the Medical Standards of the Future.

🌟 Rayscape – Andreea Purcar, Head of Operations
Empowering Radiologists: Harnessing the Power of Rayscape AI for Faster and Smarter Diagnosis.

🌟 RepsMate – Alin Rosca, Founder
Conversational Excellence in Healthcare: Unlocking Insights with RepsMate Conversation Intelligence.

-7:45 PM – 9:00 PM – Networking.

Our proposal:

We’re offering a platform for those tired of waiting for governments to spearhead change. At Syndical, we’ve introduced Vault, an innovative platform revolutionizing the management of healthcare data.

Vault seamlessly integrates private and institutional clinical services, making medical data more accessible while ensuring its secure storage and sharing.

Our ultimate goal? To elevate the patient journey and ensure precise treatment outcomes. We’re excited to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our vision for a better healthcare future.

Our aim? To provide you with new contacts, exciting partnership prospects, and potential investments.

An initiative of Launch Romania powered by BCR, with the support of Google and founding partner How To Web. Proudly organized in partnership with Syndical. 

BCR is actively engaged in driving the development and digitalization of projects. They advocate for the power of collaboration and synergy among experts from various domains, combining their distinct skills, knowledge, and perspectives to shape the future of healthcare through innovative solutions. Let’s meet at the BCR! 🌟

Syndical is a product born from the collaboration of its founders, who initially connected within the Launch Romania Community. Our shared goal is to revolutionize healthcare through digitalization.

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